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Gait Bundle

Gait Bundle

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The Gait bundle is a comprehensive collection of study materials designed to help Physical Therapy students prepare for the NPTE exam. It includes notes on both Normal and Abnormal Gait, as well as MindMaps on Ambulatory Aids, Socket, Wheelchair Parts, Wheelchair Measurements, Wheelchair Prescription, and Gait Review Tips.

Topics included in this Bundle

Normal Gait Notes
Abnormal Gait Notes
Ambulatory Aids (MindMap)
Socket (MindMap)
Wheelchair Parts (MindMap)
Wheelchair Measurements (MindMap)
Wheelchair Prescription(MindMap)
Gait Review Tips(MindMap)


The Normal Gait Notes provide a detailed overview of the different phases of gait and the key characteristics of each phase, including the stance and swing phases. The Abnormal Gait Notes cover the common types of abnormal gait patterns, such as ataxic, spastic, and hemiplegic gait, and how to identify and treat them.

The Ambulatory Aids MindMap provides a visual representation of the different types of ambulatory aids, such as canes, crutches, and walkers, and when and how to use them. The Socket MindMap covers the different types of sockets used in prosthetics and the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

The Wheelchair Parts MindMap provides an overview of the different parts of a wheelchair, including the frame, wheels, and brakes. The Wheelchair Measurements MindMap covers the important measurements and considerations when prescribing a wheelchair, such as seat height and depth, armrest height, and footrests. The Wheelchair Prescription MindMap outlines the steps involved in prescribing a wheelchair and the different types of wheelchairs available.

Finally, the Gait Review Tips MindMap offers practical tips and strategies for reviewing and practicing gait analysis, including using video analysis and focusing on specific gait abnormalities. With the Gait bundle, PT students will have all the resources they need to master this critical component of the NPTE exam.


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