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MSK Lower Extremity Bundle

MSK Lower Extremity Bundle

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Preparing for the NPTE can be overwhelming, as every topic may seem equally important and it's easy to spend too much time on certain areas, leaving little time for the rest. To avoid this, utilizing bundle notes can be helpful in quickly reviewing topics daily and strengthening your knowledge.

 These notes provide an easy-to-review format and ships quickly and you can get them within 3-5 days.

What’s included:

  1. Lower Extremity Dermatome
  2. Lumbar Plexus
  3. Hip joint- Basics
  4. Hip Joint- Goniometry
  5. Hip Joint- Conditions
  6. Knee Joint- Basics
  7. Knee Joint- Goniometry
  8. Knee Joint- Conditions
  9. Foot and Ankle Joint- Basics
  10. Foot and Ankle Joint- Goniometry
  11. Foot and Ankle Joint-Conditions
  12. LE nerves- Around hip
  13. Obturator Nerve
  14. Tibial Nerve
  15. Femoral Nerve
  16. Common Peroneal Nerve
  17. Sciatic Nerve

These notes must have for NPTE test takers who want to save time and review more topics.

Disclaimer: These notes are intended for personal use by a single user only and cannot be resold, shared, redistributed, or reproduced in any form. All content, including written material, designs is the exclusive property of Plagiarism is not acceptable and will not be condoned. Any questions or comments should be directed to ​​. Once purchased no refunds can be made.