Non Systems - Summary

Non Systems - Summary

Key topics to review

  1. Nerve Basics, Physiology
  2. Modalities: Indications & Contraindications. PRECAUTIONS are must.
  3. Biofeedback
  4. Research-sampling testing method, p value, validity, reliability etc.
  5. Orthotics/prosthesis and gait deviation from Sullivan
  6. Standard Precautions
  7. Fall prevention
  8. Professional responsibility: assume yourself in that scenario and you should know your responsibilities as a PT, think about patient first imagine the situation and try to answer it.


  • Research
  • Nonsystem 1
  • Nonsystem 2

Practice Questions

Practicing daily questions is as much necessary as doing daily readings. It helps in developing test-taking skills and also helps memorize important concepts. Try practicing 25-50 questions time-based daily.


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