Founder | Licensed PT | MS (US) | BPT (India)

Empowering NPTE Success: Discover Our Commitment to Your Exam Journey

At NPTEHive, we understand the challenges faced by aspiring Physical Therapists, especially those who have obtained their education and training outside of the United States. Our founder, a licensed Physical Therapist in Illinois, has gone through a similar journey and is passionate about supporting others in their pursuit of licensure.


With a Master's degree from the University of Illinois Chicago and a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy from India, our founder brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Their research in balance control and gait in older adults with mild cognitive impairment has been published in renowned international journals.

Creation of NPTEHive Tools

Drawing from personal experiences and extensive research, our founder has developed a range of effective tools to aid in NPTE exam preparation. One such tool is mind mapping, a technique that facilitates quick revision and connections between different topics for a better understanding.

The NPTEHive platform is a comprehensive collection of these invaluable tools and experiences. Our goal is to empower individuals preparing for the physical therapy licensing exam with resources that will enhance their learning and increase their chances of success.

Join NPTEHive today and let us be your guide on this rewarding journey!

We invite you to explore our platform, which features quizzes, mindmaps, notes, blogs, and more. These resources are meticulously designed to supercharge your NPTE exam preparation. We believe that by utilizing NPTEHive, you can overcome challenges, streamline your study process, and achieve your goals in becoming a licensed Physical Therapist.